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Quenya 101
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Hello! I have created this community for those who wish to learn Tolkien's beautiful Elvish language, Quenya. There are many sites on the internet offering "Elvish," but there are very few really credible sources. They are listed below.

This community restricts posting access, but for now I need it to be that way so I can keep track of what's being covered; I want everyone to be on the same page here. I am working on making a curriculum outline so that those who wish to write lessons can choose topics, submit their lessons, and get feedback. Bear with me.

I think this can be a great venue for those who wish to learn. Bookmark it!

Credible Sources:


Helge Fauskanger's site is the most complete; it is the place I learned Quenya from.

The Gwaith-i-Phethdain

This is Ryszard Derdzinski's site. It ties up the loose ends in your brain when Fauskanger has you confused. He also publishes the works of others and studies on the films.


Most of you will probably be coming from this community, so I am sure you know it. To those unfamiliar: there's a great group of people there who admire Tolkien's work.

Special characters

This is a document created by Tom Wilson explaining how to create special characters often required when writing in other languages. I suggest printing out a copy.

Note: I moved the lessons to another community because I felt that the only posts should be actual lessons. Other questions can go to the community if need be, and that will hopefully be less confusing. Anyone who is interested in helping me to moderate is welcome. This shall be quite an undertaking!

Intended Tentative Cirriculum:
1. Quenya Lesson 1: Nouns (Number)
2. Quenya Mini-lesson: Special characters and phonology
3. Quenya Lesson 2: Nouns (Cases Pt. 1)
4. Quenya Mini-lesson: Articles
5. Quenya Lesson 3: Nouns (Cases Pt. 2)
6. Quenya Lesson 4: Adjectives
7. Quenya Lesson 5: Demonstratives and Possessive Pronominal Suffixes
8.Quenya Mini-Lesson: Numbers (Cardinal and Ordinal)
9. Quenya Lesson 6: Nominal Adjectives, nominal verbs, and gerunds
10. Quenya Mini-lesson: Names
11. Test on Lessons 1-6 (Knowledge of Mini-lessons required)

In other news, morilote is a poetess who uses her scholarly study of Quenya here at quenyalessons to create wonderful poetry. Here is a poem by her:
I rossë lótissen ilcanë auressë
The dew on the flowers gleamed in the sunlight
Hínar lalaner ar hilyaner tier lassion
Children laughed and followed paths of leaves
Vilya luin, wilwarindi lantala
Indigo sky, falling butterflies

San cennen qualmë
Then I saw death
Loico ringa Lóriendessë
A cold corpse in Lórien
Noirë lótion
A tomb of flowers

Cuilelya né telco racina
Your life was a broken stem
Hrávë ve indili yelwar
Skin like cold lilies
Lepsi ve tasari helco
Fingers as willows of ice

Tuilë pícanë; lassi lantanë
Spring waned; leaves fell
Lairë avánië ar Hrívë tullë
Summer faded and Winter came
I aiwi wintanë arta i falassë
The birds scattered across the shoreline

Aha erembië ni
Rage has entrapped me
Natsessë nyérë ar naico
In a net of grief and pain
Ar ahálië órenya fuinessë
And has veiled my heart in shadow

Mapanen lirulin ar rancen i rámar
I captured a lark and broke the wings
Quessi carni, lindë vanwa
Red feathers, a lost song
Nier telpi ar lini sintala
Silver tears and fading sounds

Hísië ninquë undulavis indonya
My heart is drowned in cold mist
Voroninya urúxië; nas asto
My faith has crumbled; it is dust
Firini nar ilyë estelinya ar lorinya
Dead are all my hopes and dreams